Goalkeeper handles the ball outside the allowed zone and gets sent off
That'll solve it
'I suffered so you should suffer as well!'
[OC] Number of ski areas in each U.S. state
Dad joke
Kitty achieves budgie Nirvana
Blessed Possum
In honor of my husband’s 37th birthday, I present to you his Senior Prom photo from 2000
Nikola Jokic on what he did over the weekend without practice: "I was watching Pokemon for 5 hours."
I can’t stress enough how much of a gray basket person I am. Wish they had this everywhere!
A tutorial on how to learn to back tuck
Awe little Mussolini
Posted one of just me, I wanna know what u guys have to say about both of us. Do your worst.
ironic but still funny
Watch Bernie tell AOC she'd be part of his White House administration - makes me smile too
Fuck you Bebra
Maybe maybe maybe
It's an improvement
i messed up the original meme
Well, they for sure won't think that
Cool teachers
Hydrohomies at BBQ
What kind of badge is this? Soviet Military?
This little door at my university
Buy or sell new meme format
Oh, the Preventability
Anon goes on tinder
Buddy learned a new vape trick