MRW when my 25 yr old sister announces to the family during Thanksgiving dinner that she's dating a 59 yr old dude.Biggest horse in the world is 20 hands and 23 of an inch, weighing in at 2,600lbsGalaxy inkExcavator precisionThanksgiving TimelapseBlack FridayPrimitive Technology: New area starting from scratchEveryday my neighbor backs in his truck with less than inch to spare, and I've never seen him need a second try.To pass this obstacle course.7' Tall Krampus Christmas DisplayI had to babysit my daughters kitten and she requested proof that he was okay so I sent her thisMRW I’m strong enough to break ice, but I’m no match for statisticsTrying his best to cheer up a friend..Death by cat.kiLLEr WINd GUst WreAks hAVOc oN iNNoCeNt dEfenSeLESS CiVILiaNsThis Rat Is So Proud Of Her New BabyDespacito cover with a rubber chickenTIL the R-rated film Planes Trains and Automobiles would have been rated PG if not for the scene where Steve Martin says "fucking" 18 times in one minute. Despite the rating it is the only time in the movie where the word is used.Trying to get out of the carTime TravelThe cost of micro-transactions has made a lot of news recently, so I made a cost per hour graph of my most played games. [OC]🔥 We did it! In 1 day the /r/NatureIsFuckingLit community has raised $9,000 for charity in donations to the Wildlife Conservation Institute! Thank you to the 355 people who donated. 🔥not botheredEvery kid's favourite tableWhen you ask Bill Murray to autograph your foreheadDrone footage of controlled demolitionlifting a race car to the 1st floor without reviewing the safety check-list firstApplying high pressure to paper causes it to heat up to the point that its cellulose fibers can undergo partial pyrolysis turning it into a brittle charred messMaking a metal eggKid nails New York Giants coach